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Mindful Resources and References for a Happy Healthy Holistic Horse

Our Adorable Mascot ~ Justin Morgan

Meet Justin Morgan an Oak Creek Wild Horse.

Found in the mountains of Tehachapi, Ca. there is a herd of about 100 wild horses that have been observed feral for at least 100 years. 

These horses are unbranded and free-roaming. They have a strong resemblance to the Morgan horse breed and even have one less rib, just as Morgans do. (I believe they are purebreds!)

Follow Justin's fun video path from roaming with a wild herd to becoming a competitive trail horse. 

Justin ~ Getting Starting with Gentling

Taking a wild horse, aka: animal of prey, from his free roaming wild life and asking him to trust a human, aka: a predator, is a journey of patience and mutual respect. 

It takes understanding and communication to create a bond between these two species, and getting it done without fear or force is essential.

Justin is a kind and innocent soul who deserves to be handled with compassion, wisdom, and expertise. Enjoy his journey!

Learning the Ropes ~ Justin Morgan Episode 3

Training a wild (or any untrained horse) to accept the restraints of a rope is an essential stepping stone. The goal is to have respect and understanding of the containment of the rope, without fear or resentment.

Easy enough to do by taking a calm pace, allowing the horse to delve into a deeper level of trust and communication with their human handler. Very proud of Justin - he did great!

Being Haltered ~ Justin Morgan Episode 4

Justin gets to learn about having a halter on his face, with the new smells, sounds, and feel. 

His flight instinct is SO strong - when something is scary to him - he flies! Working through his fear of containment is a very important step for his journey into domestication.

Establishing understanding and communication every step of the way, without fear is the balancing act that many humans fail achieving.

Understanding Submission ~ Justin Morgan Episode 5

As a trainer, I learned a technique that I feel is THE most important thing to teach to ALL horses, no matter their desired usage.

Horses have a natural reflex point just behind the elbow, right in the cinch area. By applying pressure to this reflex point while simultaneously applying pressure to a chain under the horses chin, you can teach a horse to sub-miss their head.

This understanding of submission is THE foundational ground-zero point for all future trainings.