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Everything Essential for a Healthy Happy Horse

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This FREE ebook generously shares more than 200 LIVE LINKS, giving you INSTANT direct ACCESS to healthy choices ~ including e-COUPONS for many of the fabulous products found throughout this extensive ebook. The Healthy Horse Holistic Handbook has been lovingly created to help give conscientious pet owners direct and easy access to quality resources and knowledge regarding holistic alternatives for optimal horse health.

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Everything you need for a healthy horse is just a quick click away! Organic feed, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, nutraceuticals, non-toxic pest deterrents, and much more!

Now you can have the happiest & healthiest equine in the barn!

Your ONE-STOP resource guide for information from some of the worlds’ leading veterinarians and other equine experts, all compiled into a wide ranging comprehensive yet easy to use in-depth guidebook. Being mindfully informed regarding natural and alternative holistic horse remedies made simple. Click on any of the multitude of direct live links provided to delve even deeper into any topic that your heart desires.

What you will find in this remarkable FREE ebook:

Healthy Horse Holistic Handbook

A Comprehensive Compilation of Resources and References 

for the Holistically Mindful Equestrian

Everything Essential for a Healthy Happy Horse

  • Today’s Industrialized World and Your Pet’s Health
  • Xeno-Estrogens – Today’s Toxic Environment
  • Plastics and Pesticides in Your Pet’s Food
  • GMOs – the Hidden Ingredient that Deserves More Attention
  • Insulin Resistance – Why is This Now a Common Concern?
  • Vaccines – Are They ALL Really Necessary?
  • Parasite Control: Internal and External – Are We Over-Doing it?
  • Clean Feeds – Not All Foods are Created Equal
  • Supplements, Herbs, and Holistic Remedies
  • Why Choose a Natural Medicine Approach?
  • Supporting Animal Rescues and Non-Profits

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